MARK834 (2009)

The "MARK834" project is an interactive web cam game for the Global Fair and Festival 2009 in Incheon, Korea. This game has both a physical gaming space, which is installed in Tomorrow City, Incheon Free Economic Zone, and a virtual gaming space on the Internet. In the physical space, users play the game in a small glass cube. Each glass cube has a screen on the frontside and it has a 10 x 10 LED display showing brilliant patterns on the backside. The players' faces are artistically scrabbled on the screen. Each player has a partner who is randomly selected by the game server. The computer quizzes players on their personal tastes and perspectives and they answer each question by pressing a button within five seconds. If the answers of the player and the partner do correspond, they earn one point and their faces on the screen become clearer. LED displays show results for the audience. The goal of this game is for the players to acquire eight points with their respective partners. Moreover, people can enjoy this game on the Internet.

Paticipants and Roles

KIMM, Wooyoung (Lecturer in Department of Architecture, Harvard U) - Director
- directing

"team PHYCOM"

HONG, Hyuns - Team Leader
- management, arduino, actionscript, screen design

PARK, Ji sung - Programer
- actionscript, flex

SO, Jae seok - Designer
- design

.... etc


2009 Tomorrow City, Incheon Korea Global Fair & Festival 2009