Interactive LED Wall (2009)

This project is an interactive installation artwork. It is an extended project of MARK834. Originally, this project was not included in the MARK834 project. When developing MARK834, I proposed this project as a decoration for the game while using the same LED displays. The client accepted my proposal and I began the process of its making. Not only is it a decoration for the game, but also my first professional artwork developed from "Lovely DMD," my first physical computing work. It was installed at "Tomorrow City", which is a transit transfer center in Incheon, Korea. The wall detects people moving in front of it and reacts to their movements by showing vivid motions similar to a graphic equalizer on the full color LED display.

This video was taken, when the wall was installed.

Paticipants and Roles

"team PHYCOM"

HONG, Hyuns - Team Leader & Project Manager
- management, arduino, actionscript, screen design, PCB design

PARK, Ji sung - Programer
- actionscript, flex

SO, Jae seok - Designer
- design


2009 Tomorrow City, Incheon Korea Global Fair & Festival 2009