Hexachat (2007)

My graduate project, "Hexachat", is a human communication simulation project for machines. People live in their communities and always communicate with each other. Language, which is the communication method of human beings, is defective by nature. There are many misunderstandings, and nothing is without error, but this is the very essence of what makes human language warm and meaningful. However, communication between machines is absolutely accurate; it is composed of data without the understading for it, and thus meaningless for the machines despite the fact that they are 'communicating.' Therefore, I wanted to give the machines a human touch: inaccurate, meaningful and warm communication as human beings communicate with one another.

A hexagon is a shape people have used for many religious purposes due to the belief that it is the perfect shape. This is the essential reason why I chose the shape of a hexagon - it embodies the very concept of perfection. The perfect form of "Hexachat" reflects the mechanical communication between machines, but its communication method is imbued with human inaccuracy. The ironic combinaton of its form and its property is the central theme of "Hexachat."

Users draw their own messages on the touch screen. The drawing is transfered to a "Hexachat" module. The module shows the drawing for a few seconds and transfers it to another module. Throughout the process, the drawing is modified and erased in patches. The module receiving the drawing shows the modified drawing and continues to randomly transfer its images to other modules . In the end, the drawing disappears.

Paticipants and Roles

HONG, Hyuns - Project Manager
- AVR embedded programming, Processing, screen design, PCB design

SHIN, won baek - Programer
- hardware design, programming

SO, jae seok - Designer
- design, production


2007 AIDAS, Seoul, Korea Hongik univ. Digital Media Design 2007 graduate exhibition