HearT-shirt (2007)

"HearT-shirt" is a wearable computing project for the "Interaction Design Studio" of professor Kim, Young-hui and was completed in 2007. Couples can enjoy a special connection by wearing a "HearT-shirt", which is a hoody that is used in communicating with a loved one. There are 7 x 7 buttons on the front of it. Normally, people would think that they are just buttons but it uses Xbee Wireless communication to detect when the hoodies are located within a 50 meter range. When this is the case, their shirts light up in a heart shape in rhythm with their heartbeats. The couple can find each other in surprise when they are near if they are in public places without planning to meet. I was very interested in bringing the wearable artwork into everyday life. This would entail additional features for it such as being capable of charging via USB or making the electronic parts completely waterproof. In short, the so-called 'wearable artworks' of the past were not 'wearable' in reality: I wanted to change that.