DMDuino (2007,2009)

"DMDuino" is an Arduino clone board for breadboard. DMD(Digital Media Design) is a name of a department in Hongik University, Korea. When this board was created, there were no distributer of the Arduino board in Korea. People in my department(DMD) had difficulty in buying an Arduino board and Arduino shields. Overseas shipping takes a long time and it is too expensive to start a small physical computing project. For these reasons, I decided to design the DMDuino board.

I planned to make the DMDuino not only smaller, but also easier to use with a breadboard. When DMDuino was in development, there was no Arduino Nano. Almost all of the prototype projects in my department are made on a breadboard. I designed it for SMD type parts. It was too difficult, however, to make it by hand.

When I made the game, "MARK834", I needed many Arduino boards. Therefore, I made the second version of DMDuino. The new board, which is white, was very easy to make by hand except for the FT232, and is almost the same size as the old DMDuino.