Autoloop (2013)

MB Labs participated in the 2013 Red Bull Creation Challenge. They told us the theme, "Signal to Noise" at the start of a 72 hour count down. We had three days to design, find parts, fabricate and assemble a musical instrument. We made a robotic drum set controlled by a sequencer. It's very simple for anyone to make a beat by placing a ball on one of the 9 instruments holes. There are 16 rows of beats in a sequence. We won first place and $10,000.

Paticipants and Roles

Dave Hull - Designer
Harvey Moon - Artist
Bill Fienup - Mechanical Engineer
HONG, Hyuns - Artist


2013 McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY Red Bull Creation 2013


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Dave Hull -
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Bill Fienup - - 6 Futuristic Musical Instruments Built In 72 Hours - 'Autoloop' Drum Machine Wins Red Bull Creation - Chicago's MB Labs wins Red Bull Creation competition
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