A Glass of Water (2009)

This project, "A Glass of Water", is a musical installation artwork that people can play easily. A musical instrument is simply created for making music. In principle, anything that produces sound can serve as a musical instrument. I wanted to create autonomous musical instruments that can make people happy. I embraced the idea that people are playful creatures as my theme and I wanted to create happiness for people who play my instrument. 'A Glass of Water' is an interactive musical instrument that plays a single wine glass. 'A Glass of Water' was designed with the hope that people who play it can play music well regardless of their musical skills. It will play music whenever the user picks up a xylophone stick and beats the wine glass with it. I thereby play music with water. It achieves equality among all human beings who play music. 'A glass of water' plays the same song, regardless of who is a better player or not; it also disregards age, sex, or ability, and it will give each player the same joyous experience.

Paticipants and Roles

SO, jae seok - Director
- conceptual design, machine design

HONG, hyuns - Technical Advisor
- arduino, machine design