Tetsujin 20521 (2007)


This project was created for the creator group "BANB"(Body and No Body), as a part of their first exhibition in 2007, which was also my first exhibition.

The blue robot in this work is a robot in Yokoyama Mitsuteru's manga Tetsujin 28-go(Giganator in USA). In this animation, the robot is moved by a little boy using a small remote controller. It means that it is just an empty body without a soul. There is an important difference between Tetdujin 28-go and almost all other robot animations with a soul (artificial intelligence). The meaningless body includes 20,521 meaningless images, searched from Flickr.com, with the key word "body".

Medium : Digital Print
Dimension : 150cm * 200cm


2007 Yeonsei Univ, Seoul, Korea Body and Nobody group exhibition